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OpenEstate-IS24-REST 0.2.2 released

In preparation of the upcoming ImmoTool 1.0-beta35 release we’ve published a new version 0.2.2 of OpenEstate-IS24-REST. This update fixes a problem with special characters / spaces in object numbers and adds a newly introduced feature by IS24 for better error treatment. You can download OpenEstate-IS24-REST 0.2.2 from GitHub.

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New Open Source project: OpenEstate-IO

We’ve started a new Open Source project called OpenEstate-IO. This project provides a set of Java libraries to read and write common real estate formats. With more then 130000 lines of code this is our biggest Open Source release so far. A first version 1.0-RC1 is available at the GitHub project page. Read more…

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XML-Validator is available to the public again

Because of technical issues we had to shut down our XML validation service some months ago. As part of some new XML implementations we’ve decided to rebuild the XML validator from sratch together with a more modern design. The free XML validation service is available at http://validator.openestate.org/ for developers and interested users.

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OpenEstate-IS24-REST 0.2.1 released

Our OpenEstate-IS24-REST library for exports to the Webservice of ImmobilienScout24.de was updated to version 0.2.1. This release fixes a possible problem with attachment limits during the export of a property. You can download version 0.2.1 from GitHub.

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OpenEstate-IS24-REST 0.2 released

Exports to the new REST-Webservice of ImmobilienScout24.de were extensively used and tested during the last few months. Thereby some problems were fixed and optimizations were implemented. These modifications are available from now on with OpenEstate-IS24-REST 0.2. Read more…

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CMS modules were updated

After a longer period without updates to the CMS modules we’ve checked every module against the latest version of the particular CMS. A compatibility issue with WordPress 4.0.1 was fixed and some smaller modifications / improvements were implemented. New releases were created for each CMS module, that are available via GitHub from now on. Read more…

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ImmoTool 0.9.33

Two small modifications were migrated from 1.0-beta development into ImmoTool 0.9.33. A flaw in the export / import routine of the IDX format was fixed as well. Read more…

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ImmoTool 0.9.32

ImmoTool 0.9.32 fixes some problems, that are related to energy certificates in Germany (EnEV 2014). Also some minor modifications were made to the PHP-export. Read more…

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ImmoTool 0.9.31

Starting from 1st of may 2014 a new law about energy certificates is introduced in Germany (EnEV 2014). This law required some modifications within ImmoTool, that are now introduced with version 0.9.31. Read more…

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ImmoTool 0.9.30

Some smaller modifications from the recent 1.0-beta development were backported to the 0.9.x branch and are available with version 0.9.30 from now on. Read more…

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