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Features of OpenEstate-ImmoTool

The program is still in an early stage of development. Please consider that problems can occur, if you use this program in a productive environment.

Available features

  1. A full-featured XML-database is integrated into the program.
    1. At any time you can create and restore backups.
  2. The program is translated in several languages.
  3. The base-program can be extended modular with additional features.
    1. Install or uninstall your required add-ons individually.
  4. Add-on for management of properties
    1. Any number of properties & contact-persons can be managed.
    2. Create individual configurable exposés in PDF-format.
    3. Import properties from several established formats: OpenEstate-XML / OpenImmo-XML / IS24-XML / IS24-CSV
    4. Export properties (e.g. to real-estate portals or your own website)
      1. Supported formats: OpenEstate-XML, OpenImmo-XML, IS24-XML, IS24-CSV, Immobiliare.it-XML, Website-HTML or Website-PHP
      2. Transport properties via FTP, HTTP or save it locally on harddisk.
    5. Properties can be connected with addresses, events or tasks.
  5. Add-on for management of addresses
    1. Any number of addresses can be managed.
    2. Grouping addeses (e.g. private & business)
    3. Addresses can be connected with properties, events or tasks.
  6. Add-on for management of events & tasks in a calendar
    1. Any number of events & tasks can be managed.
    2. Monthly, weekly & daily view of calendar entries
    3. Import calendars from iCal-sources.
    4. Events & tasks can be conected with properties & addresses.
  7. An auto-update-mechanism is implemented in the program.
  8. Numerous more features that make the daily routine easier.

Planned features

A lot of new features are already planned:

  1. Networking support
  2. Multiuser support
  3. Accessing e-mails via IMAP / POP3
  4. Creating individual websites.
  5. Creating individual exposés.
  6. Your ideas and wishes are welcome!

System requirements

  • Operating system: Windows XP/Vista/2000/2003, Linux, Mac OS X (ab 10.4), FreeBSD*, Solaris*
  • Java-Runtime: Sun Java (ab Version 5)
  • Processor: ab ca. 1GHZ
  • Free harddisk-space: ab 50MB
  • Free RAM: ab 256MB
  • Access to the internet is recommended

* These operarting systems have not been testet, but should also work.


The OpenEstate-ImmoTools is licensed as freeware. You can download and use it without any costs. The full license-text is displayed during download.

Download & Install

Every registered user can download the program inside the users-area. Of course, your registration is free.


OpenEstate-ImmoTool depends on the following open-source projects. Most of the libraries are shipped with the program-archive.


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