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OpenEstate-IS24-REST 0.2 released

Exports to the new REST-Webservice of ImmobilienScout24.de were extensively used and tested during the last few months. Thereby some problems were fixed and optimizations were implemented. These modifications are available from now on with OpenEstate-IS24-REST 0.2. Read more…

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OpenEstate.org speaks spanish

In cooperation with Mr. Strobel (our translator for the spanish ImmoTool and operator of MyIRENS) we’ve established a spanish blog and a spanish discussion board. Read more…

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Direct download of ImmoTool

We’ve made some changes to our server infrastructure during the last few days. That makes it possible to deliver the latest version of OpenEstate-ImmoTool as a direct download from this website. Read more…

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XML-Validator was updated

We have updated our online tool for validation of XML documents. Read more…

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OpenEstate-Blog was redesigned

After more than 1,5 years we’ve decided to redesign OpenEstate-Blog a little. Read more…

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OpenEstate-Blog in (broken) English is launched

We’re proud to announce this english-speaking blog about the OpenEstate project. From now on we will provide you with informations about the OpenEstate project in English language. Read more…

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