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ImmoTool 0.9.25

The latest version 0.9.25 provides some smaller modifications and corrections, that were implemented during the last few months.


  • 0001050: [Error] During address import from a CSV table, the country column may be processed incorrectly
  • 0001063: [Misc] Update commons-codec to version 1.7
  • 0001064: [Misc] Update commons-net to version 3.2
  • 0001065: [Misc] Update httpclient & httpmime to version 4.2.3
  • 0001066: [Misc] Update ical4j to version 1.0.4
  • 0001069: [Error] During property export into a IS24-XML file, the attribute “sercive charges includies heating costs” may be ignored
  • 0001071: [Feature] Make sure, that a valid time interval is provided for calendar entries
  • 0001077: [Feature] Improved validation of e-mail addresses in address forms
  • 0001078: [Error] Settings of a property export interface may get lost during edit
  • 0001086: [Error] Rendering issues with (popup) menus on Windows systems
  • 0001092: [Error] Can’t open the property form, if certain country settings are set in the operating system
  • 0001095: [Error] During property import from a Kyero-XML file, the “number of rooms” may be calculated incorrectly
  • 0001102: [Feature] Improved detection of the “property type” during property import from a Kyero-XML file
  • 0001106: [PHP export] Send 404 response code for property, that are not available (anymore)
  • 0001108: [PHP export] Delayed page delivery, if the sessions directory contains a big number of files
  • 0001109: [Feature] Don’t publish the pricing attribute “special offer”
  • 0001122: [Error] Beim Import von Dateien im “IS24-XML”-Format werden ggf. die Dateianhänge ignoriert
  • 0001125: [Misc] Update jgoodies-looks to version 2.5.2
  • 0001126: [Misc] Update jgoodies-forms to version 1.6.0
  • 0001127: [PHP export] Exclude attributes from being displayed via config.php / myconfig.php
  • 0001128: [Feature] More precise export of commercial properties into OpenImmo-XML / ImmoXML files
  • 0001129: [Feature] Show text “from now on”, if the availability date lies in the past
  • 0001130: [PHP export] Show street & street-nr in the properties table (if required)
  • 0001131: [Error] Slow FTP transfers
  • 0001134: [Feature] Indirect export of the information “free of commission” into IS24-XML files
  • 0001135: [Feature] Show cellphone-nr as separate column in the address table

How do I get the latest version?

  • If you already have installed the program, you can use the auto update mechanism (via Main menu » Extras » Updates).
  • You can find the latest installation packages in the download area. You can find older version of the program within the users area.
  • If you have problems during your installation, you can find further informations inside the installation guide.

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