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OpenEstate-Blog in (broken) English is launched

We’re proud to announce this english-speaking blog about the OpenEstate project. From now on we will provide you with informations about the OpenEstate project in English language.

What you will find here

This website introduces the OpenEstate project to the English speaking public. You can also find latest informations and announcements about our first public project, a free real estate software called OpenEstate-ImmoTool.

Native English speakers wanted

Providing informations in German and English language takes a lot of time. Only a few German documentations have been translated so far.

That’s why we’re looking for one or more native English speakers with knowledge of the German language, who likes to to translate our German announcements / documentations  into English language. Of course, you could also publish your own English articles on this website. Please contact us by email, if you’re interested to support our sweet little project.

4 Responses to “OpenEstate-Blog in (broken) English is launched”

  • Sehr geeherte Herr Rudolph,

    Ich biette um ihre Hilfe wegen Problemen mit Instalationen OpenEstate PHP-Wrapper in Joomla 1.6.

    Ich kann nicht einen Konfigurationen machen. Ich habe probiren mehrere Kombinationen, aber es mahts nihts.

    Antwort war:

    The PHP export is not correctly configured!

    Das ist dass letzte wass ich gemacht habe:

    Script Path: http://serbiare.com/serbia_real_estate/components/com_wrapper/

    Script URL: http://serbiare.com/serbia_real_estate/components/com_wrapper/

    The provided Script Path was not found on the server.
    For information – the script path of this Joomla installation is:

    Bitte, helfen Sie mich dass wunderbare software zu konfigurieren.

    Gruesse Dragana

    P.S. Sorry for my broken German, I hope you understood my problem :)

  • Hallo Dragana,
    hast du bereits einen PHP-Export mit dem ImmoTool auf deine Webseite durchgefürt? – Wenn nein, schaue dir bitte mal diese Anleitung an: http://wiki.openestate.org/Anleitung_zum_PHP-Export

    An irgendeiner Stelle müssen die PHP-Skripte nach dem PHP-Export auf deiner Webseite zu finden sein – z.B. unter der Adresse: http://serbiare.com/serbia_real_estate/immotool/ – Diese Adresse wäre die ‘Script URL’, welche in der Joomla-Komponente eingetragen werden muss.

    Wenn der PHP-Export z.B. über die Adresse http://serbiare.com/serbia_real_estate/immotool/ gefunden werden kann, lautet der ‘Script-Path’ für die Joomla-Komponente warscheinlich: /home/www/serbiare.com/serbia_real_estate/immotool

    Wenn du Fragen oder Probleme haben solltest, kannst du am besten eine Mitteilung im Ticketsystem oder OpenEstate-Forum verfassen. Ansonsten wünsche ich schonmal viel Erfolg… ;)

    Mit besten Grüßen,
    Andreas Rudolph

    PS: Wenn es dir lieber ist, können wir auch auf Englisch weiter schreiben.

  • jack says:


    I am adapting to the wordpress cms for realtors. I see they have property plugins for real estate listings. However, openestate.org/immo might be a solution. The problem is that I don’t understand how this software will help me.

    What does this do that will help me help real estate agencies using html or wp or joomla?

    Thank you for your great work.


  • Hi Jack,
    any real estate agency, that manages it’s properties with OpenEstate-ImmoTool, can make use of the PHP website-export. The properties from OpenEstate-ImmoTool can be exported via FTP to the agencies website. In this case the properties are stored as PHP scripts at the agencies webspace.

    If the agency uses WordPress / CMSms / WebsiteBaker / Joomla, the exported properties can be integrated into the website pretty easy. Otherwise the export directory in the webspace may get linked directly from the website.

    If you have further questions about PHP export and the CMS modules, feel free to ask them in the OpenEstate forum. The forum has better usabilty for longer discussions then this blog. ;)

    Best regards,
    Andreas Rudolph

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